Single parent employment at record high

Posted 1 September 2016

Gingerbread responds to new findings that show level of single parents employment reaches new high.

New statistics published today by the ONS [1] show that 66.5 per cent of single parents are now in work.

Commenting on the statistic, Gingerbread Chief Executive Fiona Weir said: “It is great news that two-thirds of single parents are now in work.

“However, we know that many of the single parents behind these statistics are struggling to provide for their families with low paid, insecure work. More than a third of single parents in part-time work and a fifth of those working full-time are still in poverty [2]. Strong progress has been made in moving more single parents in to work, the challenge remains for the government to make work pay.”


Notes to editors

[1] ONS Working and workless households in the UK: Apr to June 2016
[2] 35 per cent of single parents working part time, 19 per cent of single parents working full time. HBAI, DWP 2016

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