Response to rejection of childcare amendment to Welfare Reform and Work Bill

Posted 14 October 2015

Gingerbread responds to disappointing news that important amendment to new welfare bill has been rejected.

Responding to the government’s rejection of the childcare amendment to the Welfare Reform and Work Bill, Chief Executive Fiona Weir said:

“We are disappointed that plans to ensure parents of young children are not required to work unless appropriate, affordable childcare is available were rejected by the committee.

“Single parents want to work, and most already are, but if they are expected to do so when their children are very young then it is absolutely right that they should be able to access affordable and appropriate childcare.”


Notes to Editors

The full text of the amendment was as follows:

Clause 15, page 14, line 38 at end insert –

“(d)          After section 24 (imposition of requirements) after subsection (5) insert –

(5A)         The Secretary of State must, by regulations, make provision to ensure that where a claimant is the responsible carer for a child who is aged under 5 they are subject to no work-related requirements unless it is possible to make arrangements for affordable and appropriate childcare for the claimant’s child.

(5B)          The regulations in subsection (5A) must provide a definition of “affordable and appropriate childcare”.”

 Member’s Explanatory Statement: This amendment would ensure that responsible carers of children aged under 5 would not be subject to work-related requirements unless they had affordable and appropriate childcare in place for their child.

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