Poorest overlooked once again in the government’s Budget

Posted 16 March 2016

Gingerbread responds to budget announcement, which fails to take into account those on lowest incomes.

Responding to the Budget, Gingerbread Chief Executive Fiona Weir said:

“This was an opportunity for the government to help some of the poorest in society make ends meet, including the UK’s two million single parent families. Unfortunately that hasn’t happened, despite the Chancellor telling us his Budget would “do the right thing” and “put the next generation first”.

“The reality is that this Budget does little to help those that need the most, while giving a helping hand to those that need it the least.

“Much mileage will be given to the Chancellor’s savings announcements, but when single parents are forced to borrow money from friends and family in order to cover the cost of childcare, what good is a lifetime ISA? What good is an increase to the personal tax allowance if you’re earning below the threshold, or forced to work on a zero hours contract?  And what good is infrastructure investment when a gaping hole remains in childcare funding?

“Before the Chancellor stood up to deliver his Budget the UK’s two million single parents were already set to be the group hardest hit by the government’s welfare changes. Today’s announcements have done nothing to change that harsh reality, or tackle the expected doubling of child poverty in single parent families.

“To really help some of the lowest paid, the government should increase the amount people are allowed to earn before universal credit is withdrawn and slow down the rate at which it is reduced as people’s earnings increase. This would help ensure a clear gain for every extra hour worked, and go some way to stopping the expected rise of in-work poverty.”


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