London elections response

Posted 9 May 2016

Gingerbread responds to election of Sadiq Khan as London mayor, hopes to work with him on childcare.

In response to the London mayoral elections Gingerbread Chief Executive Fiona Weir said:

“We look forward to working with the new Mayor of London to support London’s 320,000 single parents. One area that needs to be addressed by the new administration is the high cost of childcare; Sadiq Khan has said he will take steps to tackle this, describing our policy proposal for a childcare deposit guarantee as ‘worthy of serious attention’.

“We were also encouraged that a number of candidates that supported Gingerbread’s Upfront campaign to address the cost of childcare have gained seats on the London Assembly.

“Their election, alongside that of the new Mayor of London, should mean more support for London’s 320,000 single parents when it comes to paying expensive childcare costs removing one of the barriers to work.

“The Green Party’s Sian Berry said of our Upfront campaign that she was committed to investigating a childcare deposit guarantee “fully and proactively” once elected.

“The Liberal Democrat Party’s Caroline Pidgeon also committed to supporting this policy, and said that “there is scope for the Mayor to take a more active role in supporting London’s parents to fulfil their potential.”

“Congratulations to both candidates on their election to the London Assembly. London’s single parents and their families, many of which were involved in our campaign, will now be looking to these Assembly Members and the Mayor to see whether they deliver for them.”

Notes to editors

[1] More information from Gingerbread’s Upfront: A childcare deposit guarantee campaign can be found here.

[2] You can read blogs from the main candidates for mayor: Sadiq Khan, Zac Goldsmith, Caroline Pidgeon, Sian Berry, and Sophie Walker.

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