Gingerbread welcomes findings of Work and Pensions Select Committee report

Posted 11 November 2015

Work and Pensions Select Committee releases new report on tax credits.

In response to the Work and Pension Select Committee’s report into tax credits (‘A reconsideration of tax credit cuts’), Gingerbread Chief Executive Fiona Weir said:

“We are pleased with the committee’s conclusion that, in the absence of any satisfactory mitigation of tax credit cuts, the government should pause its plans until 2017/18.

“We would also echo the committee’s comments that the Chancellor should resist the temptation to raid universal credit, which would simply shift the burden to different low income families and undermine the objective of making work pay.

“In our written evidence to the committee we were very clear that working single parents would be one of the hardest hit groups, with 1.3m families losing out.

“Gingerbread has consistently called for the government to carry out detailed modelling and fully consider the impact that tax credit cuts will have on low income families.”


Notes to editors:

Gingerbread’s own impact analysis of the Summer Budget can be found here:

The full Work and Pensions Select Committee report – A reconsideration of tax credit cuts – can be found here:

The tax credits section of Gingerbread’s website can be found here:

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