Gingerbread responds to Lords vote on child poverty amendment

Posted 29 February 2016

Gingerbread welcomes amendments to Welfare Reform Bill but calls for further changes.

Responding to the House of Lords vote on a child poverty amendment, Gingerbread Chief Executive Fiona Weir said:

“How much money a family has is central to understanding whether or not they are poor.  We are pleased the Welfare Reform Bill has been amended such that the government will be legally obliged to publish details of household income. In this way, we can still measure child poverty in relation to family finances.

“However, just measuring how many children are growing up poor isn’t enough. International evidence has repeatedly shown that measuring income is essential to understanding child poverty.

“The government therefore has to go further in order to tackle the real root causes, and address the fact that the majority of children growing up poor in the UK are living in families where parents are working, but not earning enough to pay the bills.”

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