Gingerbread responds to Budget 2018

Posted 29 October 2018

Responding to today’s Budget, Rosie Ferguson, CEO of Gingerbread said:

“Single parents like Mischa, Lisa and Elaine are starting to be heard.

Gingerbread welcomes the investment into the work allowance and protection for people moving to Universal Credit. This will begin to reverse the devastating cuts announced in 2015 that decimated the work allowance of Universal Credit.

This is a welcome step forward, recognising that single parents have been disproportionately hit by cuts. However, this is not the end of austerity for single parent families up and down the country who are simply trying to do the best for their children.

Universal Credit has many challenges ahead; Gingerbread has and will continue to hear from single parents struggling with debt, fluctuations in their income, access to quality jobs, unaffordable childcare and high housing costs.

Critically, however, the Government are starting to listen to the voices and experience of single parent families and we hope this will continue.”

16 comments on “Gingerbread responds to Budget 2018

  1. Single parent disabled with one child with hearing impairment one child with mental Heath problems. Trying my best no child maintainance from
    Self employed ex which seem to fall on deaf ears. What are we supposed to do. I work and still struggle daily with demands of my own disability and continued problems and extra paperwork I have to fill out for ATW never mind everything else

  2. Universal credit is being rolled out in my area. I’m dreading it! I’ve never been to a food bank but I’ll be on first name basis with them by the end. I work part time and I’m also studying with a daughter in year 3. It’s typical tories squeeze the poor so the rich thrive.

  3. Single parent to an 11 year old and a 4 month old, and currently on maternity leave. Both the children’s fathers are either self employed or directors of limited companies so they pay themselves a wage, but seem to think their children don’t require much, therefore either don’t pay me at all or pay the very minimum that would not even stretch to a pair of new school shoes! One owes me £5,500 in arrears from the tribunal outcome too! The CMS seem to be dragging their heels with helping but I’m putting my foot down! Both cases are with the CMS which I am tirelessly fighting still. It’s a long drawn out process which needs to be short and sharp for the sake of the children not being left in poverty! While this is going on, I am worrying about when my maternity leave finishes in February, and my area will not be fully rolled out with universal credit until September 2019, therefore I either have to return to work after maternity leave finishes and miss out on my son growing up, or be forced on to UC where I lose out financially from not benefiting from migrating over! Can this decision be appealed and potentially overturned based on the circumstance around the fact I have just had a child?

  4. Dear Gingerbread
    I also am a Singke mum 2kids i get 164.00pcm last 2yrs yet my ex earns 26k a year living with a partner has my girls 2nts a fornight CSA say this is Shared care?? Can i put in a claim against his partner they have just bought a hoise together as my ex had 150k deposit he took off me as he was on dole when i met him! I have 800pcm mortgage i struggle pat each money only earn 500pcm. Im 2k month ovadrawn tryin pay bills. There no help with people like myself eho have mortgages bad..if i didnt work rented id have it all paid for me. Now they are sayin i have pay full council tax even. If i earn over 6412.00 they tak 41% off me you cant win. So under this budget am i cirrect in sayin next April 2019 i can earn 7412.00 before they deduct as tax credits?
    Regards H Legg

  5. I worked in the same job for twenty years before I had my little boy. Due to circumstances I had to stop working when my maternity leave finished and have bought up my son by myself.
    He started school in September and I have found a new job which I start Monday which means I need to apply for Universal Credit this week due to my change in circumstances… I am terrified and can’t stop crying! I feel like I’m about to be worse off even though I’m doing the right thing!! Please help as I don’t know where to turn.

    1. Hi Shellie, thanks for your comment. Please give our Single Parent Helpline a call on 0808 802 0925 and chat to one of our advisers who will be able to provide further support and signposting.

  6. I worked for twenty years before I had my little boy and due to personal circumstances I had stop working when my maternity leave finished. I have bought up my son by myself. He started school in September and I have found a new job which I start Monday which means I need to apply for Universal Credit this week. I am terrified and can’t stop crying. I’m doing the right thing but am worried sick I’m going to be worse off… please help!!

  7. This is another budget which favors the wealthy at the expense of the poor. The small changes to Universal Credit will do little to off the hardship and suffering of single parents, especially those who are carers for disabled children as this government has not reversed the huge cuts to allowances for disabled children – cuts of 50%, leaving families caring for disabled children up to £1,750 per year worse off than under the previous regime.

    The CMS as mentioned above is ineffectual with many parents, mainly women being left without any maintenance as the current regime is underfunded, understaffed and ineffectual leaving single parents mainly women further disadvantaged by austerity.

    This government clearly views anybody who is poor, disabled or a single parent with contempt. The refusal to show any respect to us or our children will leave a legacy of deprivation, misery and anger which will impact on future generations and on the stability both socially and economically of this country.

    I fear for my future and I fear most of all for my child’s future in a country where we are not welcome, where we do not belong. Where we are all not in this together.

    1. Hi
      I just read your post, you explain the system so exactly CMS ‘INEFFECTIVE ‘ I wonder how the hell any lone parent trying to navigate the system to get justice ‘what’s due’ EVER’ even gets a result. so frustrating

    1. Hi Carol, thanks for your comment. Please give our Single Parent Helpline a call on 0808 802 0925 and chat to one of our advisers who will be able to provide further guidance.

  8. I used to get around £400 a month under the old tax credit system but now I get zero on the universal credit system. My ex has not paid a penny for our 13 and 11 year old for 5 years and the cms admitted they know he is cheating the system but have no capacity to investigate. I would full time to make ends meet, just, but I feel exhausted. He also hasn’t seen them in 5 years. Not even a Christmas card! Shocking.

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