Gingerbread receives cross-party commendation at PMQs

Posted 27 September 2018

We were glad to hear both the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition recognising our “excellent service” at Prime Minister’s Questions earlier in September.

It’s not every week that the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition discuss Universal Credit – a significant area for Gingerbread in the advice we give to support single parents and as an area of research.

The Government’s flagship welfare reform programme is failing to deliver for single parents and many others. We’ve recommended a range of practical asks relating to the government’s UC aims of making work pay, personalising support & simplifying the system.

Our recommendations include:

  • Getting Jobcentres to support single parents with the upfront costs of childcare
  • Suspending new job-seeking requirements for parents of three and four year olds until affordable and good quality childcare is available locally
  • Better access to advance payments.

Significant change is required for make Universal Credit work for single parents and their families.

3 comments on “Gingerbread receives cross-party commendation at PMQs

  1. I completely agree that UC is failing everyone, especially those who are single parents trying to get qualifications to enhance job opportunities and getting penalised left, right and centre.
    I have just enrolled on a foundation degree and was informed that UC would take a big chunk of my ridiculously low benefit due to the maintenance loan I will be getting. I have to pay this loan back so why do they see it fit to take just under half of my UC payment off me? They class it as income whereas another department of the government dont. I lost my 30 hour free childcare because my part time job at a local school didn’t pay me enough to cover the minimum requirement but didn’t take the maintenance loan as income like UC do!
    The government seem s to give to those that can afford things and take from those who can’t!

  2. Also women who have divorced will be worse of because if you receive spousal maintence, universal payments will be deducted. For woman like me who escaped an abusive marriage it’s my children who will suffer. Exhusband is on 70k and as we have shared care he does not need to pay child maintence. It’s children who suffer. Under the old system spousal maintence would of meant I would of had more income. Once again this had not even been in the news. I received Legal Aid and this has to be paid back with interest.

  3. I am on J.S.A. when jobcentre tell me to change benfit I will five week benfit. I am ill cannot not get E.S.A. I am not well to work.

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