Changes to our services in the North West

Posted 21 December 2018

In February 2018, Gingerbread celebrated 100 years of working for and with single parent families. Things have changed a lot over the decades. With members and campaigners at the heart of everything we do, Gingerbread has changed laws, influenced government, and challenged both stigma and stereotypes. An important part of this work has been our employment programmes. Through these, we have supported single parents into employment and training, as well as helping them to develop their confidence and skills.

Looking to the future, we want to reach more single parents than we currently can with our training programmes. After careful consultation and consideration, we are now winding up our delivery of employment programmes and will not be embarking on new training or employment partnerships.

Our future offer for single parents across the North West

Moving forward, single parents in the North West can access support from Gingerbread by:

  1. Enrolling on our Make it Work pre-employment programme, which also offers a specialist self-employment advice service. Contact:
  2. Signing up for our Marks & Start programme, still running across Manchester. We continue to seek referrals and partnerships from Job Centre Plus across the north west to delivery Marks and Start programmes. Contact:
  3. Calling our free helpline and speaking to a specialist single parent adviser on 0808 802 0925 – they can help with anything from child maintenance, benefit or tax issues or going back to work.
  4. Accessing our extensive single parent information content online covering topics from separation and bereavement to childcare and managing holidays as a single parent:
  5. Joining one of our Peer Support groups in to get support from other single parents through fun family activities. (Or if there isn’t a peer support group you could start one yourself to find other single parents nearby.)
  6. Joining in the discussion with others like you in our online single parent forum
  7. Becoming a Gingerbread member and joining our social media campaigns to help influence policy and public opinion for single parents

Recognising our employment work across the North West

Our employment programmes have been running across the North West for well over a decade. As our employment programmes wind down, we want to recognise the many achievements of the team including:

  • Providing personalised support to thousands of single parents to give them the confidence, childcare and support to progress back to work
  • Supporting hundreds of young single parents in Manchester and Liverpool into work
  • Offering thousands of single parents work experience and jobs with Marks & Spencer.

We would like to thank all of the brilliant staff and partners who have supported the delivery of our employment and training programmes across the North West over the last decade.

For any questions about our future work in the North West please contact:

One thought on “Changes to our services in the North West

  1. I am interested in your ‘News’ about the 100 years of working with single parent families. I gather you are including the Society for Unmarried Mothers which did exist before Gingerbread was started in or around 1970. I remember hearing the first information about it on the radio and getting in touch very soon afterwards and going to a meeting in Maria’s flat in London to see how it could grow and help others.

    I have just sent you an email to see if I can help a lone parent I have just met through our Unitarian Chapel website.

    I am impressed with your website and all you can offer now.

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