Thank you for participating in the wellbeing workshop. We would like to take this opportunity to gain some feedback from you, which we will use to help inform the design of future sessions. Single parent involvement is key to us providing relevant resources, so we really appreciate you giving your time in attending the workshop pilot, and feeding back to us.

Wellbeing workshop feedback

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  • The presenter was friendly and put people at ease. They helped the group participate in the workshops.
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  • Help us to understand what we can do better.
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  • Help us understand what we can do better.
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  • We are looking for volunteers to be trained to facilitate wellbeing workshops in their region. Please tick the box, if this is something you would be interested in.
  • Please leave your contact details if you are happy to do so, want further information or if you have expressed an interest in training to become a wellbeing facilitator in your region. Many thanks.
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