Thousands of single parent families every year need the support that Gingerbread provides, whether this is expert advice from our online factsheets  or our peer support system so no one feels alone. Increasing financial pressures are prompting more and more single parents to turn to us for support, but without your help, our services might not be able to help those in most desperate need.

Gingerbread has helped me a lot. When I was doing Marks & Start and afterwards I knew I could call them anytime. It was great to know that they were there for me. They understand, they know what it is like to be a single parent. I would never have got my job without Gingerbread. They gave me a chance. Without Gingerbread, I couldn’t have done it. Thank you.

How Gingerbread makes a difference

At Gingerbread, we think single parents do a brilliant job. Since 1918, we’ve been supporting, advising and campaigning with single parents to help them meet their family’s needs and achieve their goals. Whatever success means to someone – a healthy family, a flexible job, stable finances or a chance to study – we’ll work with them to make it happen. We support single parents in a variety of ways…

  • Our information and advice can help single parents make confident choices about their family’s future, whether that’s working or studying, managing money or making arrangements with their child’s other parent
  • Our skills and learning programmes can help single parents develop their skills and get a job that fits with their family
  • Our policy and campaigning service ensure single parents’ voices are heard
  • Our peer support service makes sure single parents don’t have to feel like they’re raising a family alone.

We want to see a society where single parent families are valued and treated equally and fairly. And we need your support to make this happen.

Gingerbread helped me when I needed the support and proper advice that helped give me the confidence to build mine and James’ life again.

Emily, single parent to James

Our impact on single parents

You can read stories on how Gingerbread has helped single parent families on our website. Below are just a few examples of Gingerbread’s impact.

Eddie’s story

After Eddie’s wife died suddenly when their son was just a few months old, Eddie had to adapt quickly to life as a widowed single parent. In his story, Eddie shares how he’s juggled work with family life, and how joining Gingerbread’s peer support network helped him through this difficult time. You can read his powerful story here.

Gemma’s story

Gemma became a single parent to her two wonderful boys after separating with her partner, with whom she had previously suffered from domestic violence. Gemma was devastated at the realisation that she had become a single parent. However, after contacting Gingerbread regarding getting back into work, Gemma received some useful advice and information that helped her get back on her feet. Find out about Gemma’s story here.

Neil’s story

Neil is a single parent and Gingerbread member. After joining Gingerbread in 2014, Neil’s life was pretty tough and he felt alone, isolated and worried about the effect of the separation on his and his children’s lives. Becoming a member allowed Neil access to an abundance of posts by other single parents in Gingerbread’s forums, which made him feel more positive about the situation that he was in. He went on to meet his future partner in Gingerbread’s forums, helping him to find love again and have a more positive outlook on life. You can read his amazing story here.

“Thank you for all your help you are giving to the families that really need you. You don’t realise how much strength you give to people.”

Anonymous donor