Cllr Sabrina Francis, Camden Mayor, with her mum. Photograph taken as part of the Gingerbread photography exhibition on display around King's Cross until April 8th 2022. Photo Credit: Jonathan Donovan

We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the Gingerbread photograph exhibition sharing stories of resilience, love and strength of single parent families.

Since 1918, Gingerbread has been supporting, advising, and campaigning with single parents to help them meet the needs of their families and achieve their goals. Last year we were delighted to be chosen as the Camden Mayor’s charity. The Camden Mayor, Councillor Sabrina Francis, is the child of a single parent and she chose Gingerbread as her mayoral charity because our work resonates with her life experiences and those of 1 in 5 families across the UK.

Cllr Sabrina Francis, said: “Coming from a single parent family, I have witnessed the strength and resilience it takes to raise children and deal with challenges alone. I hope to inspire Camden’s children from single parent families and raise money to help Gingerbread continue their essential work.’’

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