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Gingerbread’s Christmas Campaign


Give single parent families a happy Christmas this year.

Will you be a hero for UK single parent families this Christmas?

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This year has been tough for all of us but it’s been particularly challenging for single parent families. Financially speaking, single parents have been among the worst hit by the COVID-19 crisis: many single parents having lost income or even their jobs.

Despite the majority of single parents being employed, 58% of single parents are now on universal credit.


Along with this, the isolation and loneliness that many single parents feel as part of their daily life have been further exacerbated by lockdowns and social distancing – and this will only increase as we go into the Christmas period.

When you’re a single parent family, Christmas is often not a time of celebration but one of stress. Nearly half of all UK single parent families live in poverty. That’s nearly one million single parent families in the UK living in poverty.

A parent may struggle to put extra food on the table and children know that their parent can’t afford the presents their friends look forward to.

This is where Gingerbread services step in:

“Very patient and helpful - very empowering. Really know their stuff and arm you with knowledge you can use practically. The signposting that they do can change lives: it changed mine.”

This Christmas, we want to give single parent families a happy Christmas and prepare them for a prosperous New Year.  

We’re raising funds to provide support for single parents through: 


  • Expert advice and information from Gingerbread’s free helpline and website, offering the tools needed to manage the financial and practical challenges single parents may face. 
  • Peer-to-peer support services, connecting single parent families through local groups and our online forum – which will be fully moderated over the whole Christmas break. 
  • Evidence-based research, policy and campaigning work to create a fairer system, giving single parents and their children the chance to thrive. 

We need your support to ease the financial and emotional pressures for single parents – not just for Christmas, but throughout the whole year.

Your support can help single parents and their children to thrive, giving them the tools to live secure, happy and fulfilling lives.

“I was totally stressed about my situation and the adviser completely reassured me. It’s a completely invaluable resource: it has relieved my anxiety and I feel so much better about my future.”

£50 could allow us to provide expert advice to a helpline caller.

£30 could allow us to update an info section on our website every week.

£10 could provide much-needed daily support for Peer Support Groups.

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