By donating to Gingerbread, you have the opportunity to support something bigger, stronger and more effective than any one person could be – an organisation that stands up for all single parents and works to open doors for single parent families in every way we can.

For every £1 donated, 92p goes directly to supporting single parents – 6p is spent on generating more funds and 2p on governance.

Last year, we supported more than 9,000 single parents with one-to-one support on our helpline,  a further 800,000 with our online advice and information, and around 1,000 single parents through our training programmes. Help us to do more to support single parent families.

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A dozen single parents could access expert information to help them through splitting up or divorce

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An adviser can give one-to-one, personal advice to a single parent over the phone, averaging 17 minutes per call

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A single parent could get a month of one-to-one support to set up their own community group, bringing isolated single parents together

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There are so many ways you can raise money for Gingerbread. Whether you're a keen runner, biker, or you've held a local bake sale, there are 2 million single parents who could benefit from your great work!

If you have been fundraising for Gingerbread, you can pay your money directly to us here. Just put the amount of money you have collected or raised, and you will be taken to our payment page.