Send a Gingerbread Christmas e-card

Celebrate single parent families this Christmas with a special E-card created by talented children of single parents from across our Gingerbread community.

Send an E-Card today and support single parent families this Christmas.

We know that Christmas and holidays can be a tough time of year for many single parent families.  Alongside financial pressures of buying presents, attending Christmas activities and finding affordable holiday childcare, the images of traditional families exchanging gifts and sharing holiday activities in advertising and popular culture can be impossible to escape.  This can add to feelings of loneliness and exclusion for many single parents and their families.

That’s why this year we have taken action

Families come in all shapes and sizes and this year we are celebrating the 1.8 million single parent families in the UK by making sure their images of Christmas are also a part of the picture.  We asked children of single parents from across the Gingerbread community to design Christmas E-cards and here are the results:

Share these special Christmas E-cards with your friends and family and support more single parents to thrive!

Head over to Gingerbread’s page on E-card specialist, Don’t Send Me a Card’s site to send an E-card celebrating single parent families this Christmas.  The cost of your greetings E-cards will be donated to help Gingerbread support more single parent families to thrive.


How to Send a card

  1. Choose which design you want to use

Select which card design you would like to use and you’ll be able to support our important work with the cost of a greeting card.

  1. Compose an e-card

Write a personal message, and choose how much you would have spent on cards.

  1. Donate

You can then make your donation via PayPal or credit card. Donations are sent instantly to Gingerbread.

  1. Send your e-cards

You can then send up 100 e-cards to friends and family. You can send these all in one-hit, or one at a time. You can also edit the personal message by clicking on it below the e-card preview in the left sidebar.

Benefits of DontSendMeACard:

  • Charities receive a proportion of the £1.6bn spent annually on greeting cards.
  • The sentiment is retained as you still acknowledge special occasions.
  • Save yourself the hassle of going out to get cards.
  • Contribute to environmental savings.

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