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Working Forward Kent

Working Forward Kent is a flexible, personalised programme offering one-to-one support for single parents of any age who are not in employment. Through the programme, we aim to reduce the number of parents across Kent, Medway and East Sussex who are not in employment or accessing education opportunities. We know for some single parents, it can be difficult to get into work for a variety of reasons, such as childcare responsibilities, and we provide you with mentoring and one-to-one support to help you develop your confidence and ability to find work that suits you.

We want to work with 290 single parents over the lifetime of the project and are working with a number of local partners in and around Kent, Medway and East Sussex.  Collectively we will offer training opportunities and work experience, supported with free childcare and travel costs. This project is jointly funded by ESF and The National Lottery Community Fund.

Benefits of the Working Forward course

As part of the course you will be able to:

  • Plan your future
  • Receive support from a mentor who will be with you every step of the way, to gain confidence
  • Develop new skills that are valued by employers and increase your opportunity of finding employment
  • Overcome barriers to taking the next steps into training or employment
  • Undertake exciting face-to-face and online training programmes
  • Access free training provided by our partners or participate in other training run in your area
  • Receive support with cost of childcare and transport to enable you to access training opportunities

I would like to thank you for your help and support so far. I had previously struggled, applying for job after job, and was unsure of what direction I should follow. Since having our meetings, I have felt more enthusiastic, motivated and clear about what I want out of my future.

Practically, you have aided my job search in so many ways. Thanks to you editing my CV, I finally have an interview for a weekend job! I had no interviews when left to my own devices. I also have two weeks' work experience lined up with a school so I can apply for my PGCE, or failing that, a teaching assistant course. Your guidance has helped me achieve both long-term and short-term goals.

I honestly cannot thank you enough. As a single mum, I felt pressured to find a job with little support and no childcare, and I was unsure of how I could pursue my future teaching career. I was depressed and housebound, and my CV was useless. We have only met twice and I finally have obtainable goals in sight and I'm making significant progress.

For the first time in a long time, I'm finally excited about my future.

Alice, single parent on the Working Forward: Kent programme

Who can take part?

Single parents living in Kent, Medway and East Sussex who are not in employment. 

Where can I attend a Working Forward course?

Kent, Medway and East Sussex

When is the course running?

March 2017 until Dec 2019.

Join the Working Forward training course

Find out how you can register for Building Better Opportunities: Working Forward by attending one of our sign-up events:

You can also contact our Senior Project Officer, Zoe Brown:

By phone – 07538575074

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Or our Service Delivery Manager, Avril Atkins:

By phone – 07443 558215

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The National Lottery Community Fund (formerly Big Lottery Fund)

The National Lottery Community Fund, with the European Social Fund, supports our work in South East England through our Building Better Opportunities programmes in Essex and Kent. These programmes help prepare single parents for the job market through one-to-one mentoring designed to reduce the barriers to employment single parents may face.

The Fund has also previously supported single parents in Wales through the Growing Together and Co-Creating Healthy Change projects.