Skills & learning

ImportantUpdate: Our skills and learning programmes have now ended

Thank you for visiting our page. Our skills and learning project has now finished. For more information on developing your skills to get back into work, please refer to your local Jobcentre, local adult education college or local council. You can also contact the national careers service in England: 0800 100 900 for advice on training.

At Gingerbread we offer a range of advice and support services that you may also find useful.  Our single parent helpline, online forum and and peer support friendship groups may be able to provide additional advice and information.

Gingerbread’s Skills and Learning programmes helped  single parents to develop the skills and confidence they need to get back into work. Through our training courses, we have supported single parents to explore what type of job might suit them and provided practical support to help them get there – including work experience with a range of leading businesses.

Our courses ranged from CV writing and interview preparation to managing your money.

Gingerbread is no longer running our Skills and Learning courses but if you would like to find out more about these programmes please get in touch.

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