Single Parents Covid-19 Emergency Appeal

Covid-19 Emergency Appeal

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It’s tough being a single parent. The impacts of COVID-19 make it even harder than usual. Gingerbread is needed now more than ever. Visit our Just Giving page and donate today to support our #SingleParentsEmergency appeal.

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Visit our JustGiving page and please donate today to support our #SingleParentsEmergency appeal

As the realities of lockdown, home schooling, stock piling, and loss of work and income all hit home, hundreds of thousands of single parents fear they won’t be able to feed their children or look after them if they get ill.

There are close to 2 million single parents across the UK. Many are just one pay packet away from financial crisis. Twice as many are more likely to be living in poverty compared to coupled households. That’s before coronavirus. The impacts of dealing with the financial and practical effects of COVID-19 while also having sole responsibility for yours and your children’s mental and physical health are enormous.

“I have no one at home to work it out with. I have to get this right for them as I’m all they’ve got right now. The pressure is immense”

That’s how Hannah Graham is feeling while in quarantine in Cheshire with her six-year-old son with additional needs and nine-year-old daughter.

“I worry about getting food that is out of stock and paying for the additional 10 lunches I’m covering because they usually have free school meals. I worry about who will look after my children if I get ill or, what if something happened to one of them, who would look after the other?”

Before COVID-19, single parents were already doing the job of two people as one of our Facebook contributors eloquently wrote. Read through our Facebook page and you will see stories of single parents genuinely terrified of not being able to feed their children or look after them if they get ill.

Demand for our services has soared since the crisis began and we need you to help us. £16,000 can fund additional advisors on our helpline and increase the support available through our online groups for six weeks.

Please make a donation today so we can reach more single parents who desperately need our help. We know we can reduce isolation, support mental health and put people in touch with practical help in their communities.

What we are trying to do

We saw calls to our helpline leap by 130% in the first week of lockdown. Our volunteer peer support group leaders are being inundated with cries for help in their communities. We are hearing heart-breaking stories.

Stories like the self-employed single mum who can no longer work the few cleaning shifts she had left as she cannot leave her 11-year-old asthmatic son on his own while schools are closed due to the lockdown. 

Her options are bleak. 

With no alternative childcare to rely on she won’t be able to earn a wage. There are no savings. She has an 87-year-old father, on his own. He relies on her, too. 

Their family unit is usually a tight-knit, mutually supportive, loving little ship. COVID-19 has ripped right through that. Without any of them being ill, yet. But they are all extremely vulnerable.

Her story is typical of the single parents reaching out to us even when the details differ.

Fortunately, the financial advice available through our helpline can ease money stresses when single parents face such difficult choices and this mother is now part of a daily single parents check-in’ organised by her local Gingerbread peer support volunteer group. A community of single parents who check in on each other every day and buy shopping and medicines for any families who can’t get out.

Our amazing staff and volunteers are working round the clock offering a lifeline to the single parents out there struggling to manage on their own.

Your donation can make a real difference

  • £35 could run the helpline for an extra hour
  • £25 could fund an additional advisor for an hour
  • £10 could help us respond to more online enquiries

Please donate today so that we can answer more calls and help more single parents.

Why is this important?

Single parents are the overlooked vulnerable group in society. Gingerbread is the only charity supporting single parents in England. We have 100 years of expert knowledge, advice and campaigning under our belt.

At the moment, the impacts of COVID-19 mean that being a single parent is much tougher than usual. We are needed more than ever.

Please donate today to support our #SingleParentsEmergency appeal

And if you are eligible, please select the Gift Aid option. It means we get an additional 25% on top of your donation at absolutely no extra cost to you.  Thank you. 

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