Holiday childcare

Published on 1 October 2014


While there is cross-party consensus on the importance of childcare for child development and parental employment, there is often little attention paid to the importance of holiday childcare. With 13 weeks of school holidays a year, this is a need that must be addressed. Gingerbread polled single parents on their experiences of finding childcare is the summer holidays, highlighting the extreme lengths some parents have to go to in order to ensure adequate care. Gingerbread called on all political parties to develop holiday childcare proposals to ensure parents are not locked out of work or left out of pocket.

Key findings

  • One in three single parents surveyed had to cut back on spending on household essentials like food and bills just to pay for childcare
  • One in five had to take unpaid leave to cover childcare needs; many had to take out loans to afford childcare costs
  • Some reported having to send their children away to be with friends and family for the whole six weeks’ holiday.