The Future of Jobcentre Plus Inquiry: Gingerbread’s response to the Work and Pensions Select Committee

Published on 18 November 2016


Gingerbread responded to the Work and Pensions Select Committee’s Future of JCP Inquiry in November 2016.

Improving back to work support at Job Centre Plus and helping single parents move into better paid and secure employment could make a positive difference to their economic security and support the Government aim to make work a route out of poverty, and reduce the number of children growing up in workless families.

Key findings

  • JCP should recognise single parents as a significant and sizeable claimant group with particular needs and barriers and develop a support offer accordingly.
  • JCP should invest in training lone parent advisers and enabling single parents to have more quality time developing a personal action plan that will support them into work.
  • Work experience, broader skilling up opportunities and better support to find flexible or part time work, are needed and there is a strong case for investment in terms of financial return on benefit savings and increased revenue for the Treasury.
  • The impact of supporting skilling up to enable entry into better paid employment should be assessed alongside “in work progression” support to inform future decision about JCP investment of resources.