One in four families are headed by a single parent - they do a brilliant job juggling work and family life often under tight financial pressures and emotional challenges. Despite this, single parent families are still commonly portrayed in negative ways in the media, politics and popular culture.

Together with single parents, we want to challenge this unjust stigma, and build a society where single parents are valued and treated equally.

Why the campaign matters

Time and time again, single parents tell us about the stigma and discrimination they face, and the financial and emotional implications this has for them and their children.

For example, single parent Emma tried to buy a family ticket at her local cinema, but was told she couldn’t because she wasn’t a ‘real family’.

Unfortunately, Emma is not alone. We know that many single parents have to pay more for the same family deals, tickets and memberships as a coupled family simply because they are a one-parent family.

Join the campaign

Single mum Emma, who inspired our campaign, talks about what family life means to her

Raise awareness of the silent battles single parents are up against on a daily basis. Battles which we are shamed into concealing due to the stigma attached to being a single parent.

Single parent

What we’re campaigning for

We’re campaigning for single parents to be fairly represented and treated equally in society.

As part of this, we are calling on companies to recognise that families come in all shapes and sizes. We want companies to ensure their prices do not discriminate against single parent families.

Single parents should not have to pay more than coupled families for the same family deal.

Join the campaign

Take action

Help us put pressure on companies that discriminate against single parent families and celebrate those that are inclusive.

Tweet or post your photos of:

  • A family deal that does include single parent families – so we can celebrate it!
  • A family deal that doesn’t include single parent families – so we can call on them to change.

Either tweet your photos to @Gingerbread and include #WeAreThe1in4 or email it to

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