Single Parent Strength

Share your #SingleParentStrength

If you’re a single parent or you grew up in a single parent family, you already know that single parents have one thing in common: inner strength.

The strength to cope with tough times.

The strength to put their children’s needs above all else.

The strength to be amazing role models.

We think it’s time everyone recognised #SingleParentStrength.

Join us. Tell us about a memory or experience that shows just how strong single parents can be. Share your #SingleParentStrength.

What does #SingleParentStrength mean to you?

We asked single mums and dads, as well as children of single parents, to share a time or memory where they recognised #SingleParentStrength. Click on the images below to see what they had to say, and share your #SingleParentStrength by completing the form on this page.

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Wayne Sleep OBE

“Why reach for the moon when I already had the stars?”

Sacha and Ricky

“It makes you more creative, and hungry to be more than what’s expected of you.”

Ali Golds

“I lost everything pretty much overnight.”

Emily Morris

“I’ve been finding ways to make things work for the past 13 years.”


“I’m a very proud single parent.”


“I owe so much to my mum.”


“Her strength and generosity that probably led to me being political.”


“I’ve experienced great times and bad times but I will always put my lads first.”

Sam Missingham

“Being a single parent gives me strength to be the best version of myself.”

Sareta Puri

“We were quite an atypical single parent household with a father not a mother.”


“My friends ask me, ‘how do you do it?'”

Derrick Evans

“That’s what makes us single parents unique – we persevere no matter what.”

One strong parent who loves them unconditionally is all some children have, and it’s all they need. As long as the lone parent is supported and feels confident and strong, the children are fine.

Shappi Khorsandi

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