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We need your help to make single parent voices heard!

We want to work with the new government to make sure single parent voices are heard and embed the priorities of Gingerbread’s single parent manifesto at the heart of government policy.  We need your help to achieve this!

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Urge your local MP to support single parent families

It’s 2020, a new year, a new Government.

Following the results of the general election, Gingerbread called on the new government for urgent action to reduce poverty among single parent families and commit to fairer policies that will ensure single parent families can thrive.

1 in 4 UK families are headed by single parents.  Single parents work hard, they raise brilliant families and they achieve great things every day.  But despite record numbers of single parents being in work, children in single parent families are twice as likely to be living in poverty than children in couple families.  There are still too many single parents who are struggling to make ends meet, to find decent flexible work, to access affordable childcare and to navigate a complex welfare system that unfairly disadvantages them.

Without proper change this will only get worse!

Gingerbread’s single parent manifesto sets out four priority areas that the government must now take action on:

1)      Make childcare work for single parents

2)      Create a supportive welfare system

3)      Support single parents to enter and progress in work

4)      Make the Child Maintenance Service fit for purpose

We want to work with the new government to make sure single parent voices are heard and embed these key priorities at the heart of government policy.

We need your help to achieve this!

We’d like you to write to your MP about what you would like them to do in 2020 to help support single parent families. Whether you’re a single parent yourself, grew up in a single parent family or have a single parent in your life, your stories will bring to life the change Gingerbread is calling for – showing just how important it is for change to happen. So write to your MP, share your personal experiences, and help to spread the Gingerbread single parent manifesto.

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