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    I’m sorry for not replying. I was busy moving into a new property for me and my son.

    I’m angry because my ex manipulated me into aborting our second baby when he knew he didn’t want to marry me and also knew how hard it was for me to conceive. I feel like he took that second baby purely out of spite. He still hasn’t grasped just how awful I feel. I told him how hard it is being a single parent and his response was ‘oh that’s a dig isn’t it’.

    The woman that he left me for is now his wife. And he still hasn’t come down to see his son but he’s planning on going away to her native country. So he’s prioritising his new family before his existing one.

    My ex was emotionally, mentally, physically and psychologically abusive towards me. Making me feel like everything was my fault. I got blamed for his mum being terminally ill to his dad losing his job. Everything was my fault.

    I feel like I’m that damaged that no other man would want to be with me. And I feel like that opportunity to be a mum again would never happen. I know that’s in my head but I can’t stop those feelings. I generally feel like I can’t move on and that I feel so hopeless sometimes.

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    I wouldn’t know much about schools but I feel like the person is just being vindictive and causing you unnecessary stress. I would get a meeting with the school body or the head office of who the person works for and put in a complaint.

    Tell them that it’s on a constant basis and you feel targeted. Write down all the things that the FSW has done and what you’ve done. Include dates and times so it’s evidence.

    Mid she calls you in again for a so called urgent meeting and goes all dramatic I would just tell her there and then that isn’t healthy for you or the kids and tell her it’s damaging your family life. Have someone go with you.

    Hope this advice helps. Chin up your doing an awesome job!!

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    My ex did something of the same last year. We were engaged and we have a son then he just upped and left me. Since then I’ve learnt that he’s gotten married to his new girlfriend and all sorts.

    I find your post inspirational because you are feeling the exact same and I can’t help but feel slightly envious of your strength. I feel like my ex took everything from me and the only real thing which is making me feel grounded is my son.

    I know in my heart of hearts that I myself am not ready for a new relationship because I would probably end up hurting myself and the other person. But I need to ask what did you do in order to focus on your life and find the strength? Did you meet new people?

    I would love some advice becausei would want to become stronger than I was before.

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