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    For starters I would say going through the CMS they are ABSOLUTELY USELESS! So if he does go to them and complain he has paid too much, then they wont do much in terms of enforcing payments anyway. I put a claim in for money off the kids mother in November 2014 and i’ve still not had a penny, so believe me when I tell you they seem to do nothing to help and if he doesn’t want to pay, there are easy ways to avoid.

    Your ex seems to be trying to poison the kids against you and i’ve heard many people say this has been done on both sides over the years and it is not good. Even though i’d probably throw a party if there mum gone run over, you can’t let the kids know that is your stance.
    If it becomes too much, then i would suggest dropping the kids through a 3rd party (family or friend) until your ex decides to grow up.

    Hope this helps

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)