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    I have been on my own 10 years with 2 children, no input from Ex. Have had no life outside children as no break from them which is exhausting. The youngest was not 1 when Ex left.

    Embarked on relationship about year ago, tired of having no-one. It has been disaster, children have felt incredibly threatened and fearful of change. He has been utterly unable to connect with them or appreciate their viewpoint and has seen them very much as rivals. Relationship has now ended and whilst I am disappointed & the rejection hurts my overwhelming feeling is relief that I will no longer be stuck in the middle between him and them trying and failing to keep the peace. Whilst their behaviour has been difficult his attitude has scared me recently, jealous and petty behaviour. It takes a very special person to take on a ready made family and he clearly isn’t special.

    Whilst circumstances have limited the opportunity for dating I have also chosen not to whilst the children were younger, making them my priority but I now feel that I have left it too late. The children are past the “cute” stage, they know no other life but 3 of us and it is now feels impossible to ever try again. I really think that if you want to date it is better to do it when younger before they become too used to having you to themselves.


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