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    I think maybe you need to take time to find out your rights and see if you can push for custody, your fears are genuine as you care.

    don’t create an issue get Information on your situation and do as many practical things you can, not only will you feel better than doing nothing , it may help the situation…

    keep posting

    this place has helped me through a lot recently

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    It will get better..I know this! I was there 5 months ago. CAB, is the place to start, they may even be able to get something out of your employer,  and help you with the other issues.

    No matter what keep going .

    all the best

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    yup original, you may be able to order it online , I did came in 5 days

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    my advice is similar,  don’t stop access , but be open (politely) that they can visit to the grand parents.

    in my opinion they should be making an effort as well,  you don’t have to be a doormat!  they should make the effort to come over just as much if not more…

    Do not stop the contact! There is facetime, what app,  Skype,  etc…

    if the other side want to be involved that’s great news .

    I personally would focus on you and your little one.

    Looks like the father is behaving in an irresponsible manner , however, he’s not your responsibility.

    I would consider speaking to social services as they might be able to assist with resolving financial support for you, the sooner the better as otherwise it could be viewed as “You are able to manage with what you have” , the cost of bringing up today is high.

    well that’s my 2 bits worth.

    Wish you and the little one all the very best


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)