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    Dear lady, the first trimester can be very difficult emotionally at the best of times, let alone when the person you are pregnant to is all over the place emotionally too. And pregnancy opens this world in which lots of people tell you lots of stories about parenthood and how to do/not do it and make judgements about your choices around that. But other people will come and go; only you will remain with you. How many people do we all know who planned pregnancies in secure, loving relationships but ended up single parents before many months/years had passed. There are no guarantees about relationships with other adults. But it is sure that if your heart tells you it’s your truth to bring this new life to term, you can guarantee that your love will be enough. Look around you will see, and also find here through this forum, many people who are and/or were raised by single parents who are wonderful people.

    My suggestion for you is to hear others speak but then take time apart from them. Sit with yourself and listen to your breath, to the seed of new life within you and to your heart beating; hear your own truth about it all shining through and follow that with full confidence that you have everything you need within you to find your right way on your journey – wishing you love and blessing in it, Dawn

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