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    I have a similar issue to the ones mentioned above. My ex moved over 200 miles away when we split up over 11 years ago and rarely sees his children (twice last year, his choice) who reside with me and always have done. As he is not working and generally no social life due to covid19 he now wants to see his children. He has said he will pick them up and travel the 200 miles to stay at his house. I had major issues with this and stated that the rules of travelling between parents doesn’t extend to 200 miles.<i> </i>I am concerned something may happen and they fall ill, may have a crash on motorway (unlikely but still to consider) etc. and then they will be in hospital and I will be unable to visit them. The children have understood this and we had lengthy discussions about and I suggested when this is all over they can spend as long as they like with him. I also made this suggestion to my ex however he declined to answer that part of the message and stated that I was being unreasonable re current request to have them and he confirmed he would look after the children in the same manner as I do.

    I just feel the travel is unnecessary and they can face time any time they like, I have bought the children phones and laptops to ensure communication levels are available. I just know when this lockdown ends he will use all of this as ammunition against me, when I see this as a sensible parental judgement in such awful times.

    I would love to know anyone else’s opinions on this, as I have been on however this for families with an arrangement order and we don’t have one in place.

    To be truthful I would love a short break from the children as working and home schooling is challenging however my main focus is keeping us all safe and well and not putting extra obstacles in the way that could make us more vulnerable. (I think the children would also like a break from me too, I must add!!) Sadly this is not seen in the same way by the ex and he constantly thinks this is another way for me to stop him seeing the children, which I have never done and it has always been his choice on how often he sees them but cleverly ‘tries’ to make it my fault!

    Anyway I have had 3 knocks on the door to say its lunchtime for school so I must go!

    Any advice is welcome.

    Thank you

    (4 knocks on the door now!) must go!




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