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    I’m the same. Single with 8yo son. I’m not from here but have lived for 18 yrs. No family and when husband wanted to leave ( and all the subsequent verbal abuse) I’ve not even got my in laws. Just found out today the woman he cheated on me with is due next month. We’re not even divorced yet!

    Because I’m on my own and all my friends, who are lovely, but have family etc, have taken the opportunity to meet their own family. I’m in Scotland so rules slightly different from England. But overall, I find it not that much different during lockdown to my normal life. My son goes to his dad every other weekend and when I should be able to socialise everyone is taking the opportunity to have family time. So, once again I’m totally by myself.

    How do you guys do shopping etc? I’ve had to leave my son in the car!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)