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    Thank you SD and Mark.

    You are right SD, this site helps a lot. Most of the emotions people describe here is what I felt at the time of separation or what I still feel at times.

    I have taken jobs for cash too, whenever I can and on Sundays when they go with their ddad. I live a very modest life even though I have a steady salary, outgoings are just too much.

    This month ex has said he can’t pay the usual maintenance because he’s struggling. Nearly 100 less this month. Yet he is going on holidays with his new wife and her three children and his mum. Leaving my boys behind as if they were not part of the family. He has done this many times and my boys don’t feel they have a paternal family. Even though I keep pictures of them and I encourage them to contact and keep in touch. For the sake of my boys.

    The counselling advice was to put our arrangement under legal agreement which I will do next month once my exams are over.

    Anyone know where I can get a sense of a legal agreement, other  than going straight to a solicitor? I have not been able to find a source on internet.

    Have a lovely Sunday everyone,


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    Hi Lisa! I totally relate to going to sleep at 9pm. One of the best things of being single! You can just doze off when you need it 🙂

    I hope you all could enjoy the beautiful sunny day we had😙

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    Thank you ladies! Your words mean a lot.

    I have had a beautiful day with my boys and some friends in the Comic Con, we love comics!

    I know it is a rough path, but 5 years!! Sometimes I worry I am not being strong enough and that life is unfair at times. Sometimes I wake up more optimistic and I look at them and I remind myself their are the best thing ever happen to me. Just wrong man.

    I have requested counselling through work because all of this is taking a toll in my health and I feel I have aged prematurely.

    None of my friends are single parents and although they listen and support me, they just don’t get it.

    I had a very short relationship with someone recently and he insisted on meeting my boys five months on, just to say 4 months after that he didn’t think I was worth all the effort he needed to make to match my life. FfS.

    That, the ex, the government taking so much on my taxes and withdrawing the little tax credits I got, has sent me into a very dark place where I smile but I am so sad inside..

    How do I come back to be me?


Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)