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    I can relate so much to all these posts, I am a single mum and have an only child – she is 11. She is also staying up late and being difficult to get up in the morning! I am working from home 5 days a week and am struggling to motivate her to do school work, I am getting really depressed with every day being like Groundhog Day and as others have said seeing all the happy families on Facebook baking cookies and having family picnics is making it harder for me. Also people saying they have had time to do all the little jobs at home done makes me feel worse when my house is more messy and getting my daughter to tidy up after herself is a constant battle!
    every day trying to stay calm and positive and think of what to have for lunch and dinner and what we can watch on tv in the evening (if I can get her off her phone or tablet) I worry she’s behind on school work, I am missing any other adult company and I feel like I’m losing the plot and this is going to continue til September! I don’t know if I can take it!
    I feel so alone and lost and like I have no friends anymore (I do but they all busy with their perfect lives

    sorry for negative that I just needed to say this somewhere


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