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    Thanks Kathymumofone

    it’s not about personalities it’s the fact of this individual in the past year has written 2 anonymous letters the my employer trying to get me dismissed

    and the latest was on the 15th June when she offered to give my ex and my two daughters a lift home in her car with her daughter which had only one child seat and in front of witnesses challenged my ex and her friend

    after the 3rd challenge about the safety of my daughters my ex flew into a rage and approached me screaming

    her friend tried to join in and i politely told her to stay out of it as she’d done enough damage

    10 days later i receive a phone call from essex police telling me her friend had made a complaint against me for causing alarm and distress

    In the police interview her statement read something very different and far from the truth even the police have said see seems too interfering also there were independent witnesses that worked at the venue

    so far she’s damaged a relationship left me with no other options except to enter the court arena at great expense tried to get me dismissed and is now lying to the police to cause even more damage

    thank you everyone for the valuable information and you’re time


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    Also the school have no issues with me attending events unfortunately it’s just my ex partner and her new best friend who’s daughter attends the same school

    thanks again


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    Thanks Anonymous

    Unfortunately she did after 10 and a half years together the only issue was debts which were being paid off and as i was working nonstop to support my family and pay off the debt

    my ex partner was a full time mum to our daughters and at no time in those 10 and a half years did i ever put a hand in anger on my ex partner

    her friend of just 3 years had been through the system of domestic abuse and also the benefits system and i only found this out 2 days before i was arrested for an assault that never happened

    basically her friend had advised her to get rid of the debt get rid of me as it was mainly in my name and claim benefits

    also the same day she had me arrested was her appointment at the benefits office and while i was in custody she cleared most of my account out saying it was to pay bills



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    Mark thank you for number much appreciated


    the person i’m trying to remove is my ex partners friend of 3 years who’s responsible for the mess i’ve ended up with and continuously is causing problems

    there no court order in place against me and have had to go through the legal arena to obtain a contact order which took over a year and also approach the school to let them know i’m on the scene and want to be kept up to speed on how my daughters are doing also attending parents evening

    the saddest thing no matter how much i do things by the book with my girls i’m continuously undermined by this woman poisoning my ex partner to the point where my 6 year old daughter was made to choose who went to her sports day

    the words where

    Daddy i don’t want you at sports day because Mummy said if you go she won’t

    unfortunately my ex has allowed this woman too much to dominate and influence the situation from the start which is why i need the individual removed


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    just joined and can truly understand how you’re feeling and it’s difficult for anyone to understand unless you’re going through it

    my ex partner of  over 10 years struck up a friendship with and mum at the school my 2 daughters attend over 3 years ago and this individual is very toxic filling my ex partners head with rubbish causing heart ache and chaos not just on me but also my 8 and 6 year old girls

    unfortunately my ex can’t see what she’s actually done/doing as this friend has control over my ex

    so you’re not alone in seeing the control and influence narcissist people had

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