We'd love to hear about your experiences at Christmas as a single parent!

Feel free to tell us anything at all here. Some ideas include: what you've done in past years, what you're planning to do this year, areas of the festive period you've struggled with in the past and how you overcame those, and any advice or helpful tips you have for other single parents - but this is a chance for you to share with us what matters most to you as a single parent at this time of year, so we welcome any and all stories you'd like to share.

These stories help us to make more content for single parents: we'll share the best advice and stories so that other parents can be inspired. If you're happy for your story to be shared with your name attached, please enter your name (just first or first and last - up to you!) and select "yes" in the consent section. If you'd like your stories to be shared but would prefer that they're anonymous, please select "yes" in the consent section and leave the name section blank (or feel free to put a pseudonym in the name field rather than your name). If you'd prefer us to use your story only for our research purposes and that it isn't published anywhere - anonymously or otherwise - please select "no" in the consent section.

You can tell us your Christmas story using the form below. Merry Christmas!

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Tell us about your Christmas experiences and top tips!
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