Gingerbread is trialling micro-groups to help single parents connect with others who have common interests in a safe online environment.

Our trial will run from 1st – 28th March 2021 and during that time members of our micro-group will be able to connect with other single parents with similar interests from across England and Wales. Participants will be able to post, comment and take part in our weekly themed chats to share experiences and pick up advice from others who may have been through common situations. We’ll schedule some live online meetups during the trial and we hope you’ll enjoy connecting with each other in this way and keep the conversations flowing in the group chats.

Participants will need to be registered as a Gingerbread member and login before they are able to access the groups and this trial project. We’ll be asking for your feedback at three points during the process about the concept of online groups, the impact of connecting with others who have the same interests and any recommendations you have for the future of this project and the ways in which you wish to connect.

How to join

This page details how to join our micro-group for Single Parents who have Children with SEND. This will be a regional pilot group and will include members from across the central region.

The micro-group will be connecting through a platform called Slack. Once you’ve registered your interest, you’ll be sent a link to join the single parents who have children with SEND community on Slack.

The micro-groups will not be a space where you can access professional advice or immediate support. If you have an urgent concern, please call our helpline instead. Further information about the Gingerbread helpline can be found here.

How the micro-group will be run

To help us make sure the micro-groups are a safe and supportive place for you, we have some guidelines to follow. By joining a micro-group, you are agreeing to follow these guidelines.

Making the micro-group a success

As a member of the micro-group, I will:

  • Engage with the group conversations and share my experiences
  • Be open to other members views and opinions
  • Be kind and welcoming to all members
  • Give feedback and recommendations to Gingerbread about my experiences as part of this trial project

Our Community Guidelines and Terms and Conditions

Our online safety guidance

Initial Survey Form

To measure the success and impact that micro-groups have as part of Gingerbread’s Peer Support offer, we’ll need to ask you for feedback before you join, mid-way through and at the end of the trial.

Please complete the initial feedback form before you join the group. This link will take you to survey monkey.

Micro-groups Pre-Programme Questionnaire

All users accept Gingerbread’s privacy policy.

Next Steps

Thank you for registering to join our micro-group/s. Once we’ve received your registration form, we’ll send you details on how to join your micro group. Please be aware that administrators working hours are Mon – Fri, 9am–5pm.