Top tips from single parents

We've collected practical tips from the experts, single parents themselves, to give you advice and ideas. Filter by topic or find out more by following the links.


Talk. To anyone and everyone. Talking really helps to alleviate and normalise how you're feeling. Our emotions are perfectly natural and we shouldn't feel ashamed of them.

Mum, 1 child, age 6

How to open up to friends and family


Keep busy

Keep busy, surround yourself with good positive people, and do something you love.

Mum, 2 children, age 13 and 15

Find a single parent group


Make small changes

Sit down and look at what's going right and what's going wrong in your life. Be brave, take control and make small changes.

Mum, 1 child, age 17

Tips for everyday living


Focus on the good things

Focus on the good things, try not to let the negative thoughts bring you down and keep you down. Start with recognising you have a happy and healthy child and that is down to you, then build up from that with positive thoughts.

Mum, 1 child, age 2

Improve your mental wellbeing


Forgive yourself

Be forgiving towards yourself, and your children. When things don't go to plan - remember tomorrow is another day.

Mum, 1 child, age 5

Improve your mental wellbeing


Spend time outdoors

Regular exercise and spending time outdoors, walks in the countryside etc, really help and also create an opportunity for good quality time with the kids at the same time.

Mum, 3 children, age 5 to 11

Exercise and your mental health


Talk to someone

Don’t be afraid to open up. There’s no shame in asking for help, even if it’s just someone to talk to.

Mum, 1 child, age 9

How to open up to friends and family


Make time for yourself

Try and carve out a little time every day to do a little exercise and to do something for you, even if it is just watching a favourite programme on tv.

Mum, 1 child

Advice on taking time for yourself


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