Five reasons to set New Year’s resolutions as a single parent

Posted 2 January 2019

In our first blog of the year, single mum Lidia shares her top tips for setting and achieving goals, whether it’s New Year’s resolutions or at any other time of the year.

New Year’s resolutions are really hard to keep. According to one approximation, eighty per cent of us will fail to stick to them by the second week of February.  Another statistic shows that only 9.2 per cent of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions.

I am sure you have all tried some sort of New Year’s resolutions in your life, and you may have achieved them and you may have not. Either way, I think we, as single parents, should set New Year’s resolutions or a goal of some sort.

Do I set New Year’s resolutions on 1 January?  I don’t strictly follow this rule and the reason for this is that as single parents, we have enough pressure on us as it is so why would I want to set a goal at the beginning of each year, which sometimes is an impossible and unachievable goal and add pressure on myself to achieve this within a ridiculous time frame. So personally I don’t follow the general rule and the hype of New Year’s resolutions, I follow what is important to me as a single parent and what I would like to achieve for my family throughout the year.

Does this mean I have no New Year’s resolutions or goals in life? Absolutely not.  I believe that resolutions should not only be set on 1 January, they should be set throughout our lives.  If I find that one morning I want to give up a bad habit or achieve something, I will set that goal that same day, why wait until the New Year to start working towards the things you want to achieve?

Each year on either 31 December or 1 January, my daughter and I create vision boards for the year ahead. This is our way of planning the year and setting our intentions and dreams for the twelve months ahead. We cut out images and text which represent our dreams, goals, and aspirations from magazines and create a collage on a big canvas. It’s such a fun activity! This always inspires me to really believe in achieving those goals and dreams. Throughout the year we keep looking at our vision boards as inspiration to work towards our goals.

Whatever way you set your intentions, New Year’s resolutions or goals each year, here are five reasons why I believe you should have them in your life.

1. Become a better version of yourself to be a better role model for your children. 

Our children look up to us as role models and I have learnt that I want to become a better version of myself for my daughter. I gave up unhealthy habits for her because I am pretty much the only role model she has so if I am a bad role model, what will she learn in life.

2. Your children are your world, but you need a plan for you.

As a single parent our children are everything to us, and we often forget about ourselves along the way, we do give in to bad habits and we don’t often look after ourselves. Setting goals and intentions to have a healthy and good life, will not only be beneficial for us but for our children too.

3. You are a single parent with super powers to inspire others.

You may not believe this but as a single parent you are incredible, you have amazing inner strength being on your own raising children and conquering villains as such. When you set and achieve your goals and dreams you inspire other single parents. We need each other.

4. You are allowed to dream big

Often as single parents we don’t believe in ourselves and we can see ourselves as failures because we have a broken family, this is only a perception.  Who says we are not allowed to dream big and have an amazing abundant beautiful life with our children.  Setting goals and intentions will help us dream big and believe in ourselves.

5. Look after yourself for your children.

Wellbeing is so important for us but even more important for our children as often, we are all they have. Therefore set realistic goals to focus on which includes wellbeing and looking after ourselves – our mind, body and emotional wellbeing.

2 comments on “Five reasons to set New Year’s resolutions as a single parent

  1. Fabulous article. Just what people need to read, see and feel. It’s something as small but visionary as a dream and goals board to shift our energy into the positive.


  2. I think this is a fab idea that I might try with my daughter. I am newly separated and having our goals for the future and achieving them will give us a focus and self esteem boost at the same time.

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