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Posted 12 February 2019

Lidia is an inspired, passionate, proud single mother who was born in South Africa and now lives in the UK. She is a mother to an amazing teenage daughter, who is one of Lidia’s inspirations in life and her WHY. Lidia is a qualified Level 3 personal trainer, nutritional advisor, life coach, and inspirational blogger. In this piece, she shares why she thinks you should complete our Sport and You survey.

Gingerbread is currently undertaking research to understand better the experiences of single parent families in taking part in sport. This research will allow Gingerbread to make the case to leisure trusts around the country to support more single parent families to undertake the activities they want to do together.

As a passionate advocate of all things sport and fitness, here’s why I think you should complete the Gingerbread survey and help shape access to sport for families for years to come.

Support the community

I know as a single parent we don’t often have much time in the day and who wants to complete surveys anyway?  One of the most important reasons to complete this survey is to support the single parent community by putting our collective voice together to ensure we are heard. So often we are afraid to voice our opinions. Now is the time to start speaking up.

Talk about the barriers…

As a personal trainer with a passion for health and fitness, I know how expensive gyms can be and that it is hard for single parents to access sport and leisure facilities. However, I also know the benefits of sport and fitness so I believe it’s important we vocalise the barriers we face in this area so something can be done.

…but also tell us what works

Surveys are also a means to find out what currently works so more of these changes can be made – a means to understand what changes could look like.  It’s not only about our voices as single parents being heard but also a mechanism of understanding one’s opinion of the current situation.

You are the change

If you believe in something then help make it better. This is my motto, therefore, I have completed the survey as I honestly believe that if we express ourselves and communicate this to Gingerbread, they will know more about what needs to change and be able to address these issues. It’s about doing this together as one and standing strong and making sure our needs are met. If we don’t communicate to someone who listens, who will?

I sincerely ask to take a few minutes to complete the survey, Sport and You. Essentially Gingerbread wants to support us as single parents to access more fitness and leisure facilities.  I am passionate about helping people become healthier and also feeling good about themselves. So let’s do this together as a team of awesome single parents.

The survey closes at midday on Monday 18 February so be sure to do it before then! At the end, you’ll have the chance to enter a prize draw to win one of two £50 Love2Shop vouchers.

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