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    Hey everybody!

    I’m a newly single mum from Milton Keynes! I’ve only just found this website but I’m hoping it can help me connect with other single parents as at the moment I don’t have any friends that are also parents! I feel like I am judged by others and I am quite anxious to go to parent and toddler groups due to the fact that I am single. Some days I feel so lonely and that is mainly because none of my friends or family know what I’m going through, if you can relate or just need a friend, please feel free to message me! I would love it, and so would my sanity!!! XX

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    I was just holding my baby to sleep and typing up the exact same thing! I came back to UK after over 10 years abroad last Sept when I was pregnant. Had bub in feb, moved to new town (Buntingford in Herts) as couldn’t afford to buy near my few remaining mates and family in North London. Tired and not wanting to drive much. They just cancelled the mum and bub group  in town but I was only single mum in it like you! Feel weird! I need some good single mum friends. I’m a fun person and good mate to have with lots of hobbies and interests. I’m very social and was an active part of my community in Oz before I had to leave so abruptly. Really miss good company.Short answer.. I’m here and I’m not that far from you I don’t think.

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    My name is Natasha I have only recently found this website. I am not far from you as I’m in Northampton. I go to Milton Keynes a lot for shopping etc. I am a single mum to 3 boys and I’m currently 18 weeks pregnant. I would love to make a friend or friends to have a laugh with, chat with and yeah have some sanity. We need it. I struggle to want to go to any toddler groups because of the single patent stigma. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who is lonely. It’d be great to hear from you.xx

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    Hi, I am a single parent, I have two girls 9 and 12, there mum passed away 7 years ago.  I totally get what you say about the loneliness, unless people experience it they do not know what we  go through, all my friends are either married or coupled up so it would be nice to make new friends.

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    I’m a single mum and have been for nearly 2 years. Now my daughter is at Nursery I can go for days without having an adult conversation as it’s all text or online. Ive got 1 new friend close by but we see each other maybe once a fortnight as her little girl goes to Nursery and she’s busy the days she doesn’t. I’ve got family fairly close but don’t see them very often and none of them have ever offered to have my daughter for a while to give me a break. I totally get the loneliness and I feel secluded as well as I’ve got no one to help me do jobs around the house and garden I have to do them while my daughter is at Nursery so no time to do something for myself. I’d love to chat to others in similar position. X

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    Hi all,

    Just contributing to Emilyloisse post, the issue of loneliness amongst single parents is apparent but we seem to be apprehensive in reconnecting with people.


    Most of the posts on here are about people feeling isolated, lonely which is rooted to past bad experiences with relationships /marriages.

    This leaves us with a choice of letting our past circumstances define our lives or actually seeking what we want. I severally extended my hand of friendship on here via my previous posts, but in vain.

    I know it’s hard n tricky to open up reconnect with people, after our past expiriences but there are good people out there (can’t paint everyone with the same brush).



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    I just googled single mum groups and I just found this! I’m lonely I live in Basingstoke and I got not friends.. I have a 2 year old daughter *terrible 2’s * …her father and I separated when she was born as he was abusive towards me for a long time.. long story short I got a court order on him .. he has to see my girl in a contact centre and ever since she’s seen him she hits me bites me scratches me screams and hits herself and as a mother is upsetting .. I’m also pregnant and my fiancé is saying it’s not the right time and he wants me to get an abortion he said if I have the baby there will be friction between him and I … I’m scared to be alone with a toddler and a new baby .. I cry every night and I need someone to talk to.. if I become a single mum again I’m scared to be lonely again

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    Hi Everyone

    Im a single parent of 3. Their mother walked out on us🤬🤬🤬

    I guess I’m a lot older than most on this post being in my mid 50s.

    Personally I don’t care what other people think of me being a single parent and nobody should. The People who do judge are for me  not worth the time of day.

    Yes I found it hard in the beginning but I can promise you that it does get easier and you will become stronger.

    You have to stay strong not only for the children but also for yourself.

    Kids can tell when mammy or daddy aren’t happy and to be honest that’s not fair on them.

    Take care and don’t worry



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    Peter is right. I’m an older mum, and I just stare down anyone ignorant enough to make a jibe about single parents.

    Almost all of us are hard working, resourceful & resilient and we deserve much better press than we get.

    My son is 10 now. He is happy & confident  because he has a happy mum. And a happy dad.  Things have got easier. I’m currently enjoying the purple patch before teenage stuff hits. 😊

    Just enjoy your  little one as much as possible and don’t waste energy beating yourself up   x

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    Just do whats right for you, im a single dad to two girls, bought them up alone since they were 2 and 5 now they are 10 and 13, can be hard at times but also very rewarding


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    Hi Emily Louise.


    I am a single lone parent to 3. I live in Stevenage. I am here to chat if you ever wanted to.



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    Same does get very lonely particularly in the evenings after kids go to bed. Been on my own for nearly 7 months now.

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