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    Hi I’d like to talk about this subject as I feel it’s very apparent but not talked about. If anyone has any experiences or words of wisdom. Would be much appreciated

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    I’m a single mum who works full time. I’m not a young mum though.

    I returned to work in 2010. In the first year I had one sneery “oh you’re a single mum” comment to my face but not from someone whose opinion was worth having.

    My company didn’t ask if I was a parent before employing me and was generally supportive when my son was ill.

    The following company (large mobile phone co. ) was not supportive at all.  My current employer- small IT co – is very supportive.

    But I work full time, I haven’t asked for flexible working and I do my best to make school holidays as seamless as possible.

    I take a half day holiday if I go to sports day and I don’t discuss my family situation at work. Thankfully both I and my son are healthy, I have a job with a very short commute and there is a good after-school club so I mostly manage without any help. I am lucky.

    If anyone makes a comment, I find a hard stare works or if absolutely necessary, a breezy “gosh, how very regressive” does the trick.

    Has someone given you a hard time?

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    I’m a single mum too and I work full time. I was made redundant during my maternity leave which gave me an extra 6 months off with my daughter. It was incredibly daunting going to interviews and returning to work and I had lots of no’s or offers on inflexible hours before I finally got the break I was looking for and work flexibly from home around my daughters schedule.

    I did worry too about sharing I was a single mum to such a young child but I decided I’m not ashamed of my situation and therefore it wasn’t something I was going to hide. It also helped to explain why I needed to start / finish at certain times as I was solely responsible for child care during the week.

    I must say it was such a relief to be open about my situation and I learnt that there are two others in my small team of 15 who are also single mothers – so I didn’t need to feel like I had two heads anyways!

    I hope all the single parents out there get the support they need to be able to work but I know that’s not always the case

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    Interesting isn’t it. I was “made redundant” too, on my first day back after maternity. They had given my job to a sales director’s wife.

    They did eventually pay out when faced with a tribunal, but after that experience, I chose to keep my family circumstances to myself when I got my new job, not because I’m ashamed but because there are plenty of companies who do discriminate.

    Ds is 10 now so it shouldn’t come up again thankfully.

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