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    Good Evening,

    I’m a lone parent after full custody ( zero CSA ) , I have lost all my friends I actually haven’t spoken to an adult in months and no longer turn my phone on unless it is to pay a bill. My children are now 9 and almost 7 and can say it is no better almost 2 years on.

    I gained no support from any charity after the police moving us in the night those years ago, 1 bankruptcy and living on disability ( mental health ) I have been more suicidal and more inclined to phone a section 20. It is unbearable the U.k is not an accommodating place as a single parenting especially one who has been moved to the middle of no where.

    The solitary suicidal six weeks is almost over….. I am sorry for the negativity but I see absoloutly nothing positive apart from children are safe.

    The saying it takes a village to raise a child is lost.

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    I am in a similar position, relocated to safety with my children 7 years ago and have had sole full custody ever since! Losing my job, family and friends all at the same time.  I don’t know anyone who has the same set up as me, most of my single mum friends have ‘time off’ and family support. It is very isolating having no-one to help. Happy to chat whenever you need an ear


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    I moved 82 miles away from my friends to be with a man I thought I knew ( which it turned out I didn’t) . Now left working out how to survive with 2 kids under 2 and no income  and only have my mum .



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    Hi Daisy

    Thanks for your reply.

    Sorry to hear your story, it must be really scary trying to struggle through this with children so young. Are you still living with him now?

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