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    Looking for some gift ideas please!!!

    I’m away on holiday with my children (age 4&6) for Xmas and they’re having a Christmas get-together with their dad and his family before we go. I’d like to get some small presents the children can give their dad and his family (ie their aunts and uncles, grown up male cousins and grandma) as I think my children would like to GIVE gifts, especially as they will be receiving them. Their dad isn’t very involved in their life and doesn’t make much effort to see them. He doesnt work and is unlikely to buy any presents for his own family. However his family are generous and always give presents to our children, so I think we should give something in return.

    I don’t have a lot of money and don’t want to spend very much. The main reason for me wanting my children to give gifts is because I think it’s a nice thing for them to do.

    So, any ideas for cheap / homemade style Christmas gifts that a 4 and 6 year old could do?

    Last Christmas I bought presents for all his family from us as a family as we’d only been separated for a short time.

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    Boyes sells modelling clay for £5 I think it is. It needs rolling out, it’s much too stiff to work in your hand but once you have rolled it out your little ones can cut it into whatever shape they want to, maybe a gingerbread (pardon the pun) man, a star, a tree decoration or any shape they come up with themselves, they are young enough to make a completely new as yet undiscovered shape. Pick up some glitter and glue and let them do what little ones do best. These sorts of gifts tend to be held onto way past Christmas. xx

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    I’m going to get some photos of my kids printed and look for frames in charity shops or maybe the magnetic photo sleeves – I’m hoping they’ll be relatively cheap presents and a nice reminder to exes family who don’t get to see the kids often.
    Kath – like that idea, know paternal grandparents will like that as a gift. Thank you 😊

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    Home made Christmas is the best ! Lots of things you can pick up and recycle! Have a look online and you will get some lovely tips . Home made snow globes and lanterns made from old jam jars !

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    Pumpkin I should explain a little further how to keep the clay thingies nice once they have been made. When your children have made what they want to make (I use air drying clay) set them aside on a rack like the one you would use to put a just baked cake on, to dry for a couple of days. Get some PVC glue slapped on them and the children can decorate them in whatever way they want to then let the glue dry and then paint them again with PVC glue, it helps the decorations stay in place and  the finished product can be wiped with a wet cloth without disturbing the decorations once it’s all dry.

    I have used this way on 2 occasions as wedding gifts for my son and his wife and my niece and her husband. I have cut out heart shapes of diff sizes from the clay and before I set them aside to dry I write appropriate wedding type words into the clay.  Once they have dried out for a couple of days, painted all over with PVC and left to dry again then they are ready to decorate. I have used glitter. What works really well is to carefully dab glue into the words then to put glitter on top of the gluey words, using a little pressure to make the glitter stick into the gluey words. To say I don’t have an artistic bone in my body they actually come out quite nice and they are keepsakes for the bride and groom (and don’t cost the earth)

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    Hi you could make some biscuits and decorate with fondant icing, my daughter does this for her Dads family.

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    Thanks Kath. I’ve managed to find some oven baked clay reduced on Amazon, so will try and apply your suggested approach – my kids are 3&6 so have less patience in waiting a few days for things to dry out! I’m looking forward to getting involved too 🙂

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    Home made salt dough, make Christmas decorations to gift with a baked gift or photo. They can either make traditional decorations or their hand prints or prints as a reindeer etc.

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