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    Hi, im separated with my husband for almost 6 months. we were in a good terms till recently. he told me im an evil person with rotten soul and our separation is because of me coùse i never tried to fix things. anyway we were planning to spend Christmas together (for kids) with his family but now i don’t want to. but also feel very lonely and low. im a foreigner so no family or close friends here. how you copy with that? and how you stay strong when everything just falling apart?


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    I’m sorry to hear you are feeling this way.

    Do you manage to get any free time for yourself at the moment? Would you have a gym accessible to you? Enable you to get a feel good factor from doing a workout, I know it’s not ideal with covid but it could later lead onto meeting people and making new friends or joining fitness class.

    How old are your children?

    I feel you are strong, however I would try and limit time spent talking to ex to just child arrangements enable you to move forward as his comments are probably the reason you left in the first place.

    Mindfulness music and chamomile tea, I have found help in restoring inner calm.

    Sending you best wishes x


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    Hi Lucy

    I am 28 and have recently gone through s divorce i have a daughter who is 3 and i am currently living in my dads cold front room, i see me daughter every other weekend, my father doesn’t celebrate Christmas so its going to be very lonely and painful for me too. The only thing i can sy is remember your children are life’s most precious gift and they need you.

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    Before my little girl came along I use to volunteer over the holidays for crisis.on Christmas day I use to do the morning stint, cleaning tables, helping in the kitchen and chatting to lonely people who had nothing and be back home for 4pm. .I found it really rewarding and it was nice meeting new people as well as the guests ..It made me grateful for what I had.

    This year due to restrictions it will be just us two  hopefully we hope to get down to the park to feed the ducks

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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