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    I’m worried about locdown after Christmas, what I can do if school will be closed. Do you think school can take my kids if I’m singiel parents, I need to work ,I’m worried now ,I’m singiel from August but I worried all the time what I can do if school will close .I can loose my job .

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    I’ve been worried about this too.

    It’s my first possible lockdown as a single parent so it’s different than the last 2 and will challange me differently.

    Im presuming the support bubble and childcare bubbles will be the same. So you can have a childcare bubble, one other household who can help out with childcare for work purposes so you can work. Preferably a family who cannot work through the lockdown.

    You can also have another family as a support bubble but only one and you must be the only household they mix with too. This can be different to your childcare bubble and they must not mix with another household as you will be classed as one household should anyone get sick.

    If you fall into keyworker status your children should be offered a school place if they close and can go to school and school will follow the positive contact cases guidence with your child that the government set as needed but with smaller numbers keeping them in class if you need to work. (I fell into this right through covid as did my husband but we juggled it and kept little one home, this time it’s more difficult as I’m in my own)

    That’s what’s happened with the last ones so you can judge from that but it depends what happens going forward with the new strain. At the moment we just don’t know.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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