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    He has just finished his first year at school and at the beginning it was not a good start expecially  with his kicking off. But he mellowed out after about a month but they had to send him to the principles office a few times… he is starting to get good at his reading and adding up numbers to 20 but I’m worried at the  fact of at one point I got a note from school that he caught his eye lid with some scissors  with left a cut there and his eye lashes was cut but when asking him what had happened he said he was using them as a camera.. then there was an insident about 2 month’s  ago wear I saw some strange scratches that was quite deep so I asked him what happened and he said I scratched myself so u asked him why and he said he was bord so I spoke to school and asked for advise on this because I was worried at the fact of it is not normally  behaviour  he is only 5 and all they said was we will talk to him and to tell them if it happens again … so my question  is should I be worried or should I take on the advise of the school and keep an eye on him … or any advise on what I can do to help my eldest as I try to keep both my kids busy doing fun things but he is quiet hard to get him interested in things even if it is new things and ideas

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