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    Hi ! I’ll make this short , my son has suddenly become quite upset that he has no dad , he is watching othere children and there dad’s and is becoming upset . He even cryed at school yesterday . He has never seen his dad as he’s not a nice person and really doesn’t care or even wanted him .

    So my question is how do I support him through this point in his life



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    Hi. My son hadn’t seen his dad since he was a baby and he became upset about not seeing his real dad when he was around 7/8 years old, he had a step dad at this point. I explained that we didn’t get along and that is why we didn’t live together. It’s difficult to explain that his dad chose not to see him as I didn’t want him to feel that his dad didn’t want him but at the same time I didn’t want him to think that I had stopped his dad from seeing him (as I hadn’t). His upset about not seeing his dad didn’t last long, I think this is all part of growing up and curiosity. Now my son is 19 and has no interest in any contact with his dad. I think you just need to be honest without giving any details that may be upsetting. If he has any friends that don’t see one of their parents it might help him understand that all families are different but as long as they have one person to love them and look out for them then it’s all ok.

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    Perhaps it might be worth Googling for age appropriate books on the diversity of families. I’ve just typed in children’s books for single parent families and loads came up, one is called ‘do I have a daddy’.


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