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    My world has suddenly started to feel like its falling apart, My wife has decided to leave me and take my son with her to a new home, She is stating that I am acting unreasonable. Unfortunately most of our joint debts are solely in her name and we are struggling to make the payments now.

    She has decided to go into a IVA agreement for the debts in her name but says that I have to do the same for the £4000 debts in my name,  She is stating that I am acting unreasonable by refusing to go into a IVA agreement for £4000 debts in my name. Almost all of my debts are currently on 0% APR cards for the next 18 – 24 months so I’m incurring almost no Interest to them.

    I have taken legal advice from several companies and from my company legal advice helpline and they all agree that doing an IVA for my debts would not be the way to go.

    Its caused numerous arguments sometimes in front of my little boy and feels like i’m being blackmailed into it. She has already found a new house for her and my little boy and is moving out soon.

    Any advice please.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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