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    I’m a working mum of 2 children

    i currently work 25hours a week, I also get help with tax credits and housing Benifit ect.

    id like my partner to move in after Xmas

    he currantly works 40 hours a week, no children, no Benifit help

    whats the first steps in making this happen

    first time living with someone so I haven’t a clue

    thank you

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    Thank you for the reply

    i only know my partners take home pay at the end of the week not his annual or gross ect so it’s hard to work out, do u know if I’m able to talk to someone in person about this?

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    Can I come from a different angle, If you love your partner and he loves you, love outweigh money every time, just go for it.

    there is a benefit calculator on Gingerbread.

    I wouldn’t recommend not informing the benefit agencies, as if they find out, it will make life harder in the long run.

    Happy you have found someone you want to live with.

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    forgot to mention, you will save cost on having one accommodation other than two

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    We have been discussing this for quite some time and he does understand that as a house hold it would be our money now and not individual

    im in a secure tenancy with a council house and I spoke to housing and they said I don’t need to have him on the agreement which I wouldn’t do anyway

    as for his income he’s more that happy to give me wages slips whatever I need so this can go ahead it’s just working out who pays for what

    ive been a single mum for 14 years and I’m used to paying for everything myself ect

    this won’t be happening till the new year so was just looking for peoples help/advise



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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