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    I’m new to this so please bear with me. I’m a single mum to my boy of 2.5 yrs with no involvement from the father or his family. Its been a really hard struggle too.

    I returned after maternity leave to my job in a hospital. I do 3 long days and the hours aren’t very sociable. I’ve relied heavily on my mum and sisters for childcare over the last year. Circumstances are now changing and my family are finding it difficult to continue with the childcare. Their is no childminder or nursery that’ll will have him till the hours needed. I’m not always guaranteed to finish at set time too. I can’t afford a live in nanny neither.

    How do people manage with working, arranging childcare and earning enough money to pay Bill’s? I’m finding myself thinking about getting another job to fit in with childcare. I have a meeting at work tomorrow to discuss flexi hours but it’s looking unlikely I will get what I need. What do you all suggest?

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    Newbeginnings :)


    Au pairs are much cheaper than nanny’s, less experienced so would depend on the your child’s needs etc? And whether you have a spare room / space for them to live in?


    I have found childminders to be the most accommodating and reasonable of childcare, I have known some able to offer over nights etc? (They don’t always advertise this) Maybe ask a view local to you and explain your situation?


    Could you look in to a secondment or a job in a different department which could offer you more office based hours? Then maybe do a bank shift or 2 to top up your pay packed when family can help out / be around etc?


    Not sure on your circumstances but universal credit will also pay up to 85% of your childcare (up too £646 per month) You may also be entitled to 15 or 30 hours free childcare too! (sorry if you already know all of this!! 😳

    It’s all a massive juggling act!!

    I hope this helps!

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    Andrew uk

    I was going to say you get free childcare but it’s already been mentioned. An employer that is family-friendly should be accommodating. You could be open and honest and explain your situation and see what they suggest.

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    Suzy Lou it’s really hard. I worked 12.5 hour shifts in a hospital but in the end it became unmanageable. They had 30 hours a week free childcare until they were four yes old in my area which helped but again someone has to pick them up.

    I opted for a part time role 8 until 18:00.  Universal credit also help with childcare costs. It’s not easy

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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