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    Hi guys

    Do you ever feel like everything is against you. As a single parent double the feeling as income is all down to 1 person

    Worked at same company for over 10 years. Been fine no problems. Contract is 7.5 hours but have been getting more. I had an agreement when went back on maternity leave for 16 hours all fine. Boss the  got transfered new boss and hours kept messing round got sorted. Then he leaves and another new boss hours got mixed up again spoke few times but I took time off with stress due to it. My son gets 30 hours funding if I get 16.5 hours a week I get verbal agreements but they seem to backtrack. Anyway sorted it out with him and he guaranteed my hours would be same.

    Then he leaves and another new boss in rota all of a sudden changes while I’m on week off and I’m down to 1 day. Went in Friday to ask he said it wasn’t final and would sort my hours out. He gave me 1 shift back so I’m still 4 hours short. Not happy up the wall fed up of someone giving their word and going back on it. Am I right to keep asking or is it time to look elsewhere if this is how it is

    Any advice I hate this being an issue all the time never feel secure and with all the manager changes it is terrible

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    Hi Gingey28

    I’m wondering whether these info pages within the site might help you to find a bit of direction with the situation you’re experiencing at the moment.:

    Working – Gingerbread

    I hope there something in there that might help

    Kind regards


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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